OutBrain success: How we generated qualified traffic

February 9, 2020 | Media Plus

What the most important part of our job you may ask?

To us, it’s seeing our clients achieve their wants, needs and most importantly, their goals!

Recently, Media Plus had the privilege of running a brand campaign for the highly regarded developer Frasers Property. We promoted their brand and content through a multitude of channels including traditional media, Google, social adverts and most importantly OutBrain– an incredible content amplification platform that promotes content similar to what you’re already reading!

So what exactly is Outbrain?

Outbrain is all about content marketing in fact acting like Taboola. Both platforms act as an ad network that places links to content that’s either “recommended or“sponsored” on popular websites.

Our aim for the Frasers Property brand campaign was to provide over 50,000 website visitors within a 4-week period, as well as exposing users to the Frasers online article content and latest digital magazine.

We more than doubled that KPI set with over 115,000 visitors clicking through to the website.

Outbrain was our second largest driver of traffic with the campaign exposing nearly 20,000 people to our content. The average user spent over 3 minutes consuming information on the Frasers website.

As OutBrain is a content based platform, we provided exactly that.

It’s important to note that we didn’t sell or use any call to action based messaging with words like ‘sign up’ or ‘enquire now’ as it wasn’t relevant to the overall campaign goals.

If want to achieve more for your brand using a platform like OutBrain, let’s have a chat! Please call Ant Bray on 0407 850 603 or email anthony@tomorrowagency.com.au