The benefits of remarketing for your property advertising campaign

August 27, 2018 | Media Plus

Back in the 1980’s, majority of home buyers read newspaper ads to find a home. Today, 86% of potential buyers look online.

The figures are big, but the theory is simple. Online marketing has taken over as a major component of any successful property advertising campaign.

The challenge is making sure you are marketing to potential buyers. With the internet offering such a vast digital marketplace, one of the biggest mistakes is attempting to appeal to everyone at once and wasting dollars advertising to people who aren’t interested in your services.

This is where remarketing comes in.

Remarketing can be used to target specific consumers who have been on your website before and shown interest in your products, but didn’t make an immediate purchase or enquiry. It serves as a reminder for the user to keep your brand and products in the front of their mind until he or she is ready to buy.


When a user visits your website, an anonymous cookie is placed on their device which is then saved on your company’s remarketing list.  The cookie is a compilation of data which can generally determine the age, sex and general location of the user. It can also determine which parts of your website the user has visited so that later on, it can show banner ads relevant to their interest.

Let’s say for example, a user interested specifically in property investment, visits your website and is browsing through the investment pages. The user then has a meeting, so closes the browser and leaves their desk. The way remarketing works, is that it will remind the user of their initial interest from anywhere between 2 and 540 days after they have visited your website. This means that later on throughout the month or year, as he or she browses the web, ads from your company will appear. The ads will most likely be specific to the investment opportunity they had shown interest in earlier. An effective remarketing banner will include a call to action such as: ‘Limited stock remaining!’ or ‘Don’t miss out on this amazing investment opportunity!’, which will direct them back to your website and prompt them to register their details. 60% of remarketing conversions specific to property advertising occur within 14 days of a user visiting your website.



One of the main reasons remarketing is so successful in property development specifically, is because of the time it takes for people to research and purchase a home.  Property is often the biggest purchase in a buyer’s lifetime. Most buyers will spend months (or even years) before finally settling on a property, and will spend a significant time browsing the internet for various options available to them. Remarketing will remind these users that you’re still around and open for business as they make their way through the property purchasing journey.

Another reason remarketing is successful is because it will increase your brand exposure and keep you connected with your target audience long after they have left your website. It allows you to keep them informed and provide them with updates as your projects evolve. For example, ‘coming soon’, ‘now selling’, ‘50% sold’, ‘limited stock remaining, ‘under construction’. Keeping potential buyers informed about your property development’s growth and progress will strengthen their faith in the project and result in new leads.

Finally, remarketing allows you to prioritise your budget on quality traffic sources rather than quantity, so that the visitors you’re attracting to your website are targeted, high quality prospects. Segmenting your audiences based on the specific pages they have visited, their geographical location and traffic source, is useful in allocating your online budget and generating targeted traffic, providing better chance for conversion.


Our team at Media Plus are experts in property development advertising and will handle everything from marketing strategy and media buying, to reporting and optimisation. We have our own digital tracking and optimisation platform, to track the movement of anyone who visits your website, as well as the cost per lead generated for your project. We understand your audience and what motivates them to buy, and we are able to create thoughtful, tailored media strategies to make this happen.


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